Update on Open Sourcing

Renee Cousins · May 17, 2022

As a follow-up to my original thoughts on open sourcing, I am pleased to announce that we've reopened the source code for PJIT as well as merged and closed the private repository. The one and only repository for PJIT can be found here.. PJIT will remain open-source forever but also only non-commercial use.

The firmware, which includes the bootloader, the PRU programs and the CPLD image will remain closed indefinately as it has no utility outside of the Buffee project and would only make the lives of would-be cloners easier. Additionally, the hardware design files will also remain closed indefinately for the same reasons. Should anyone wish to use Buffee directly in their own projects I suggest they either use a standard 64DIP like the new MiniMig boards or any of the pre-existing 68000 systems, or contact the Buffee Project directly to discuss licensing terms to integrate it directly.

I hope this middle ground makes more people happy as I know a lot of you jumped on board for the very reason that Buffee was to be open source.

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