Update on the TF1200

Renee Cousins ยท September 1, 2022

Picture of TF1200

We were able to get our hands on the rare and wonderful TF1200 from Stephen Leary so that we can also test Buffee on the Amiga 1200. Should this work well enough, the firmware and design could become the basis for virtually any 32-bit 680x0 system! Presently, while it does work, it's not nearly as fast as we'd like, especially with access to chip RAM being choked at 16-bit, but we should have an update shortly to test further with this. Using the 68000 is also insteresting since the stock ROMs do not work โ€“ so we're waiting for our ally in arms over at Retro Rewind to send us a custom ROM.

Noteworthy features:

  • Socketted 64-DIP header for 28MHz 68SEC000 or Buffee BP68000/BP68040
  • 4MB or 8MB selectable of 16-bit 28MHz Autoconfig memory (56MB/s)
  • SPI Expansion for standard Amiga SPI peripherals such as the ENC28J60 Ethernet
  • Micro SD card slot for fast, cheap and massive storage

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