Production Update and Happy St Patrick's Day

Renee Cousins · March 17, 2021

Ooh it's been a busy month! But we have our first boards in ready to get all populated. We did have one small snafu with the wrong footprint for our Flash memory that might put us a little behind schedule, but nothing world-ending. Despite this, I think this looks really good for our first, officialy production boards.

Also, on top of it being St Patrick's Day today and me enjoying some obligatory Jameson's Irish Whiskey instead of my normal Scotch, it's also my birthday tomorrow, so getting this update today was a great birthday present and I will be celebrating by doing tons of work on PJIT which has been coming along nicely.

We have the AM335x booting and configuring everything right and have ran some BogoMIPS tests. We're still working out a few kinks with getting into and out of the 68K state (which will pay off when we allow that feature for developers), but we should have some real performance numbers to post soon enough.

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